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3D Post & Stud Frame

Our 3D designs are a complete package design and estimation service. We can design a 3D rendering of your buildings, modify them to their specifications, then give you a complete and accurate estimate for each project.

Stud Frame

Let us bring your stud frame building to life in minutes with a full 3D rendering. Zoom inside the building to view the framing and detail. We can quickly modify the image to fit your specifications, right before your eyes. We can render and estimate practically every type of stud frame building such as garages, dairy barns, hog barns, chicken barns and utility sheds.

Post Frame

Let us take your post frame estimate one step further. Our 3D Post Frame Estimating and Design software gives us the ability to quickly design a 3D rendering of your idea, modify it to your specifications, and give you a complete and accurate estimate for exactly what you’ve designed. We can render and estimate any type of post frame building from shops, barns, and open fronts to cattle and hay shelters.

Bring your building ideas in-store and let our team provide you with a 3D plan and estimate of your builds. 

Serving Sturgeon Falls and Northern Ontario since 1957